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More than 60 business and civil society leaders recognize inequality as a systemic risk and lay out a roadmap for private sector action

New report identifies ten catalytic actions that business can take to address rising inequality.

May 3, 2023

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A just transition to a net-zero energy system

New report by WBCSD, the Council for Inclusive Capitalism and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) showcases insights and case studies to support energy companies in their efforts to advance a just transition to a net-zero carbon energy system.

April 27, 2023

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The era of interconnected challenges: holistic approach needed for addressing inequality, the climate crisis and biodiversity loss

Rising inequality weakens our ability to tackle the climate crisis. We are witnessing firsthand how climate change is compounding global inequality, with extreme weather threatening the world’s poorest countries and communities.

Mercedes Alonso, Executive Vice President, Renewable Polymers & Chemicals, Neste

February 20, 2023


Disability Inclusion: “It's not about charity, it’s not about CSR, this is a business imperative.”

The Valuable 500 are using business to address the inequality and inequity of people with disabilities across society. It is about how we, as consumers, as employees, as people who believe in business, who buy from business and work for companies, use that vehicle of business to make a difference in the world.

Joanna Pritchard, CEO, Valuable 500

December 16, 2022

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Living wages have never been more critical as the cost-of-living soars globally

As the world faces multiple global crises, soaring levels of inequality are compounded by the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, further exposing the cracks in an already broken system and driving up the cost of living everywhere.

Katherine Chapman, Director, Living Wage Foundation

November 22, 2022

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Raising ambition around an equitable and inclusive net-zero transition

When it comes to the topic of raising ambition, one of the areas of focus that has emerged as a priority for engagement and policy interaction for WBCSD member companies is accelerating an equitable and inclusive net-zero transition (or a just transition).

James Gomme (Director, Equity Action), Ruth Thomas (Director, GAA-Equitable Livelihoods), Markus Klingbeil (Senior Advisor, Energy Pathways)

November 15, 2022

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Creating an inclusive and diverse workplace

There is a general consensus among organizations that those who embrace diverse teams are more creative and innovative and perform better than others. This allows them to solve complex problems and manage risk more effectively, leading to more robust financial performance than peers. But recruiting a diverse workforce is not enough.

Alyssa Auberger, Chief Sustainability Officer & Anna Brown, Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer, Baker McKenzie

November 8, 2022

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Leveling up on living wages to address inequality

The business case for paying a living wage is well-established. Better wages create a committed workforce, lower turnover, value chain resilience and improved reputation. There's a proven roadmap for turning this goal into reality for business leaders ready to level up to at least a living wage.

Daan Wensing, CEO & Chair of the Executive Board, IDH

October 19, 2022


New report launched by Business for Inclusive Growth on “Operational Recommendations on Ethnic Diversity & Inclusion”

Business for Inclusive Growth publishes its “Operational Recommendations on Ethnic Diversity & Inclusion” report, focusing on how companies can act upon ethnic discrimination and tackle underlying structural issues that persist in the workplace, in value chains and ecosystems.

October 18, 2022


Time to think and act differently to create a ‘just and regenerative’ future and tackle inequality

As calls to create a ‘just and regenerative’ future get louder, Dr Sally Uren, Chief Executive of international sustainability non-profit, Forum for the Future, explores how thinking and acting for a just and regenerative could help address inequality.

Dr Sally Uren, Chief Executive, Forum for the Future

September 21, 2022

Group of diverse workers in a meeting room.


Diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace: a lever for businesses to tackle inequalities

Achieving sustainable progress on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) inside an organization is challenging. Hiring employees from underrepresented groups is a critical first step, but ensuring that they develop, grow and thrive ultimately matters more.

Julie Coffman, Partner and Chief Diversity Officer at Bain & Company

September 8, 2022

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Measuring impact to foster diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces

Initiatives to cultivate diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) in the workplace are no longer just nice to have—they’re business critical. Unlocking the potential of every employee sows the seeds of innovation, success and meaningful change that stretches far beyond the four walls of an organization.

Silke Muenster, Chief Diversity Officer, Philip Morris International

August 31, 2022

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