Mobilizing the global business community to tackle inequality and generate shared prosperity for all

The Business Commission to Tackle Inequality (BCTI) seeks to put tackling inequality at the heart of business’s agenda for sustainable growth.

We have reached a tipping point.

Around the world, standards of living are as high as they’ve ever been. And yet, we see people increasingly dissatisfied with their circumstances and pessimistic about their futures. Social cohesion is breaking down, trust in key institutions is eroding, and civil and political conflict are spreading.

Inequality is now one of the most pressing challenges facing our societies today, on a par with the climate emergency, and it must be addressed with the same level of urgency.

We must act with urgency.

Our current distribution of opportunity, income, wealth, and wellbeing leaves hundreds of millions of people struggling to meet their basic needs and to live well.

We must level the playing field and give everyone a fair shot for all people to lead healthy, productive, dignified lives. To restore trust in institutions and each other. To maintain political stability. And to build the shared commitment and capacity humanity needs to address climate change and a host of other global challenges.

The business community has a key role to play.

Business has fueled innovation, wealth creation, and rising living standards over the course of centuries.

But in recent decades, the benefits have been sharply uneven, and business—driven by our current model of capitalism—bears its share of responsibility for the inequality we face today.

Under pressure to increase profits and maximize shareholder returns, many companies have adopted business practices that have widened social and economic gaps. Business can—and must—play its part in closing these gaps.

Our Vision and Mission

BCTI will mobilize the global business community to tackle inequality and generate shared prosperity for all. The Commission will provide a platform for business leaders and representatives of key stakeholder groups to develop, communicate, and engage in a common narrative on the role of business and an agenda for action at scale.

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