Tackling inequality: An agenda for business action

The flagship report of the Business Commission to Tackle Inequality

Tackling inequality: An agenda for business action

This report, Tackling inequality: An agenda for business action, provides the global business community with a clear and compelling case for business efforts to tackle inequality, as well as a common and holistic agenda for private sector action.

CEOs and business leaders from all sectors can leverage this report and the agenda it puts forward to identify, assess and strategically integrate steps to address inequality-related risks and opportunities, and to drive transformative change in people’s lives.

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The case for business action

Business action to tackle inequality is about mitigating risk while also building a world of opportunity in which everyone, including business, can thrive.

Strengthening the operating environment for business

  • Building political stability
  • Increasing economic growth
  • Containing crises

Unlocking company level benefits

Securing license to operate

Attracting and retaining talent

Winning consumers

Accessing capital

Building resilient supply chains

Staying ahead of regulatory change

Explore more in the full report, including:

  • Details of emerging business risks and opportunities.
  • Case studies from leading companies.
  • Guidance on how to get started on business strategies in support of tackling inequality.
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Tackling inequality: An agenda for business action

Tackling inequality: An agenda for business action

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